Best Recommended

  • Yamagata Imoni soup Set
    Respond with reservation.
    ※The photo is a product of 1,350 yen
    Price:1,000 yen〜

  • Yamagata Imoni soup
    Based on Yamagata beef and soy sauce, it finished in a mild taste.
    Price:550 yen

  • Potatoes mixed Wild plants dumpling
    potatoes mixed Wild plants dumpling is Our only original
    Price:550 yen

  • Houjukko
    "Yamadera style OYAKI" It is a dish wrapped in seasonal local products with safflower and rice flour.
    Price:420 yen

  • Zundakko(with Matcha)
    Zundakko is kind of Japanese sweets of Domyoji(Rice flour) wrapped white Mochi made from Namafu(Japanese raw wheat gluten) and then Zunda(Sweet beans paste) on top of it
    Price:420 yen

  • Ball Konnyaku
    Yamagata's Konnyaku is noted for "Tamakon". Soy sauce Flavor with mustard
    Price:100 yen

  • La France Soft Ice Cream <
    The king of Yamagata fruit The taste and taste of La France! Fragrant good!
    Price:300 yen

Other Menu

■Head office location

Yamagata-ken Yamagata-shi Yamadera 4284

■Business Hours

8:30~17:30(7 days a week)


・When coming by train
JR Senzan line(Yamadera Station)・Walk 1 minutes From Yamadera Station

・When coming by car
Yamagata Expressway:From Yamagata North IC About 15 minutes


We have 25 units.
Parking Fee: 500yen/day
※* Endou If you use more than 1,000 yen at the head office / branch / Manzou, it will be free.